Service & Community Domain

Service & Community Domain

Allies/ CHAMP (Child & Adolescent Motivation & Enrichment Program)
Formerly Allies:
The purpose of UMMSM Allies shall be:
To foster relationships between hospitalized adolescents and undergraduate and medical students
To create an open, comfortable environment for patients to be able to relax and be themselves; as an escape from the monotony of daily life in the hospital
To build relationships between undergraduate students and medical students through mentors and mentoring programs
To support and organize a consistent volunteer schedule within the hospital, including orientation

President: Rohit Reddy
Treasurer: Noreen Mohsin
Vice President: Ernesto Weisson
Secretary: Erin Wolfe
Faculty Advisor: Dr. G. Patricia Cantwell

Formerly CHAMP (Child & Adolescent Motivation & Enrichment Program):
The Child & Adolescent Motivation & Enrichment Program is an educational program at Holtz Children’s Hospital where medical students will work with pediatric dialysis patients to increase their literacy, act as companions, and improve the overall dialysis experience of the patients.

Presidents: Matthew Mason & Jacob Milner
Treasurer: David Matichak
Education Coordinator: Marissa Patel
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jayanthi Chandar

Canes 4 Kids/HCC (Health Career Collaborative)
Formerly Canes 4 Kids:
The student interest group of Canes 4 Kids aims to assist underprivileged elementary school students in the Miami area by providing mentorship and holding events that promote higher education, public health awareness, positive social influences, positive body and mind connections, and mental health awareness. Events will promote community bonding and group activities facilitated by medical student volunteers. We hope to encourage the students to work towards success, overcome their personal obstacles, and steer them away from negative distractions and influences that are too prevalent in their community. Medical students will collaborate with community partnerships including Streamline Miami and Turn Up the STEAM. Through our services, we hope to act as a preventative health mechanism that can help students form healthy habits at an early age.

President: Melanie Gershman
Treasurer: Tatiana Campuzano
Vice President: Jared Silberlust
Events Coordinator: Hannah Zwiebel
Outreach Coordinator: Gabriella Llano
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lisa Gwynn

Formerly HCC (Health Career Collaborative):
The purpose of the HCC is to establish sustainable partnerships between the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (henceforth UMMSM) and local high schools to provide mentorship, an engaging health curriculum, and exposure to health careers to high school students from low-income, underrepresented minority communities. The initial partnership is with Booker T. Washington High School.

Presidents: Alexandria Poitier & Yanelys Fernandez
Treasurer: Emily Swafford
Vice Presidents: Kaleb Howard & Emily Swafford
Director of Student Engagement: Tizeta Wolde
Events Coordinator: Kunal Naik
Curriculum Manager: Blake Hodgens
Collaboration Coordinator: Chase Carto
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rishi Rattan

Caring Hearts
The purpose of Caring HeARTs is to bring creative arts and positive energy to pediatric patient populations. The patient populations we serve include: in-patient on the 6th floor of Holtz, the pediatric hematology/oncology unit, out-patient at the Mailman Center, for children with developmental delays and disabilities. Additionally, Caring HeARTs participates in monthly Cochlear Implant Family Nights on behalf of the Miami Ear Institute and helps children who’ve received cochlear implants create crafts and art projects. All medical students are encouraged to participate—being an artist is not a requisite! Our main goal is to bring fun to children and families spending time in an otherwise gray hospital environment.

Presidents: Tatiana Campuzano & Gabriella Llano
Treasurer: Natalia Gilbert
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Donna Wiener

Community Outreach Teaching Services (COATS)
The purpose of Community Outreach and Teaching Services is to:
Provide education to elementary/middle/high school students on various medically related topics for the purpose of guiding students to distinguish between positive versus harmful behaviors, and ultimately instilling the knowledge that can guide them to choosing healthy habits. The different talk options can include healthy lifestyles/body systems /drug abuse / health maintenance /sex education. Talks will vary in student class size and will take place within the Miami-Dade County area.
To use appropriate visual aids to facilitate learning and help instill healthy habits in the young students.
Teach medical students the proper way to give a K-12 education talk.
Promote science and medicine as a diverse and exciting field.
Connect students with teachers and schools in the Miami Area

President: Shivani Pandya
Treasurer: Eric Huang
VP of Communications: Rachael Jackson & Daniel Schwartzbaum
VP of Curriculum: Melanie Gershman
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Donna Wiener

Medical Students in Action (MSA)
The purpose of Miami Students in Action is to bring together the UM medical student
wing of Medical Students in Action, which does the following:
Provides continuous clinical care to underserved populations in rural villages in the Dominican Republic
Provides educational and public health measures to these villages in the Dominican Republic
Offers University of Miami medical students a unique educational experience in international patient care, teaching, and leadership during their four years in school.

Conducts various research projects related to international health.

President: Leah Colucci
Treasurer: Evan DeJoya
Co-Directors: Alex Alvarez & Kiki Dowell
Finance Director: Evan DeJoya
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Steven E. Chavoustie

Operation Veterans Engagement (OVE)
The purpose of Operation: Veteran Engagement is to facilitate recreational activities for veterans at the Community Living Center (CLC) at the Miami VA Hospital. On a monthly interval, a group of 4 medical students will engage in lunch services, holiday events, bingo games, card games, arts & crafts, or modified sports games with veterans at the CLC. Our organization aims to bring happiness and enjoyment to elderly veterans who may feel isolated or lonely.

President: Megan Allen
Treasurer: Kyrra Engle
Vice President: Alexander Rasgon
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Enrique Aguilar

Peds Partners
Formerly MedPals:
The purpose of MedPals is to serve as a forum for medical students to spend quality time with chronically ill children by organizing various recreational and social events for the patients and their families.

President: Emma Lipshultz
Treasurer: Tiffany Le
Vice President: Loren Hernandez
Senior Advisors: Staci Marbin & Tiffany Le
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hannah Lipshultz

Formerly Peds Partners:
The student interest group of Peds Partners aims to connect chronically ill children with each other both locally and nationally to reduce the anxiety and depression correlated with chronic childhood illness. Events will promote bonding and friendship through group activities facilitated by medical student volunteers, and a pen-pal program will be established with other medical institutions nationwide to connect children with similar illnesses together. We hope to engage the children in hands-on activities and encourage peer communication skills in a nonjudgmental environment. Medical student volunteers will have the chance to attend meetings with Dr. Cantwell, the Director of Pediatric Palliative Medicine, and gain experience working with chronically ill pediatric patients in order to better understand the complex physical and emotional challenges that patients with chronic and/or terminal illness must face.

Presidents: Jay Shroff & Jamie Clarke
Treasurer: Meghan Salgia
Vice President: Melanie Gershman
Outreach Coordinator: Akshat Sanan
Event Planners: Alyssa Zlatkin & Danny Schwartzbaum
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patricia Cantwell

Project Freedom
The purpose of Project Freedom is to promote awareness and assist in combating human trafficking, a modern day form of slavery. Through educational initiatives within the University of Miami, affiliated hospitals, and greater South Florida community we seek to improve recognition of and intervention for victims of human trafficking in order to restore their inherent right to freedom. We also hope to work with victims and those in the community to help the fight to eliminate human trafficking.

President: Noreen Mohsin
Treasurer: Erin Wolfe
VP of Operations: Rohit Reddy & Ernesto Weisson
VP of Community Outreach: Erin Wolfe & Alexander Rasgon
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Monica Broome

Reproductive Health Advocacy (RHA)
The purpose of Reproductive Health Advocacy is to engage medical students in a multidisciplinary approach to help patients seeking reproductive options in our community. Members will learn about the obstacles facing reproductive health patients and will work together, with other organizations, with providers to improve patient access to care. Members will work directly with patients to counsel regarding their reproductive options, how to schedule appointments, and serving as an emotional advocate throughout any needed procedures.

President: Elizabeth Roy
Treasurer: Haley Marber
Navigation Coordinator: Rachel Womack
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karla Maguire

The purpose of STAND is to 1. increase education and awareness of the prevalence and the effects that intimate partner violence (IPV)/relationship abuse and human trafficking has on the South Floridian and national population in medical setting, 2. provide integrative opportunities for clinical practice and screening with appropriate cultural humility in relation to IPV, relationship abuse, and human trafficking and 3. encourage and further discussion pertaining to mandatory reporting and ethical issues.

President: Megan Brown
Treasurer: Jessie Forman
Vice President and Violence Prevention Senior Advisor: Kyrra Engle
Violence Prevention Station Manager: Varsha Prabhakar
Treasurer and Violence Prevention Project Manager: Jessie Forman
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Panagiota Caralis

Student Green Committee at Miller
The student interest group of Student Green Committee at Miller is centered on planetary health and human health and how the environment, climate change affects our well-being overall, impacts in medicine and public health, and how students can become activists now as medical students but also later as physicians. We hope to bring together faculty and researchers involved with environmental, occupational, climate change research and activism not only at the Miller School of Medicine but also other campuses at the University of Miami in order to show the interdisciplinary nature of environmental health. In addition, we hope to bring a more hands-on approach to environmental activism by offering community service opportunities—reef cleanups, shark tagging, beach and urban area cleanup—as well as opportunities to interface with the environment in order to foster tender-loving-care for it—snorkeling, free/scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, surfing, and hiking.

Presidents: Meghan Salgia & Tara Samra
Vice President: Adam Levy
Treasurer: Meghan Salgia
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Naresh Kumar

SPOTS (Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students) is a community outreach program designed to teach students from preschool through high school about the importance of early detection and prevention of skin cancer. With the rising incidence of skin cancer, especially in the state of Florida, public health interventions at an early age are one of the best ways to promote sun protective behaviors early on and to maintain those behaviors through adulthood. Our medical students visit local schools to educate students about engaging in sun-safe habits, avoiding artificial tanning beds, and conducting skin self-exams. 

President: Luis Andrade  

Vice President: Nicholas Mirsky 

Treasurer: Jose Ramirez 

Secretary: Tara Samra 

Volunteer Coordinator: Deborah Lin  

Community Coordinators: Noreen Mohsin & Ruby Taylor 

The Debbie Project
The purpose of The Debbie Project is to provide individualized support for atypically
developing children enrolled in academic programs at The Debbie School. Through a
partnership with The Debbie School, medical student volunteers will work with individual
students on a weekly basis to improve language development, socialization skills, and
gross motor skills. Each volunteer medical student will be paired with a particular
classroom for a semester in order to build longitudinal relationships with students and
establish a rapport with the teacher.

President: Hannah Zwiebel
Treasurer: Tatiana Campuzano
Director of Education: Sahana Shankar
Director of Communications: Kristina Rojas
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Brosco