COVID Response: Extracurricular Guidelines and AS/DOCS Update

We are very excited for our new school year! Although our experiences will indeed be different, your leadership and enthusiasm will continue to make Miller the special place we call home. The following email will address 3 major topics: 1) Extracurricular Guidelines, 2) Academic Societies, and 3) DOCS.

  1. Extracurricular Guidelines: Many of you have asked for guidance regarding our in-school and off-campus gatherings, meetings, and activities. In accordance with guidelines set forth by President Frenk, all indoor extra-curricular events and meetings are canceled until at least November 1st. This means that student groups cannot make indoor reservations, plan indoor events, or hold indoor meetings at this time, regardless of group size. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

    We understand how valuable your in-person events have been to the student body and we appreciate your passion for increasing awareness and enthusiasm in your field of interest. We encourage your creativity and we know how successfully many of you have continued to engage with each other and your group members virtually. We strongly recommend for you and your members to continue using virtual platforms, such as Zoom, to host online meetings or events. (For technical assistance, please visit:

    As explicitly stated in Dean Chandran’s most recent communication (7/31, see below), students must refrain from hosting/ attending social gatherings and observe local curfew mandates. For off-campus activities within the community, students are encouraged to meet/ eat outdoors and must wear a mask at all times, limit crowds to <10, and try to stay at least 6 feet from people if exposed to anyone not from your household – especially considering most positive COVID cases among UM personnel & students can be traced back to out-of-hospital/ community exposures. Any student found not following the University’s stated policies and guidelines will face disciplinary action.

    We trust that students will adhere to the same guidelines we advocate for our patients and take the necessary precautions to prioritize the safety of our community and essential healthcare workers. We hope to avoid putting others at risk unnecessarily and potentially being the cause of unfortunate outbreaks which may severely threaten our affiliations with clinical sites and impede our medical training.

    The RMC Council is currently working with Deans to create a list of FAQs relating to social distancing and minimizing risks, and this will soon be shared with both campuses and posted on the SG website.
  2. Academic Societies: We will soon be welcoming a new class of MS1s into our 12 Academic Societies! Sadly, AS will not be holding any in person activities. To continue our mission of build community within Miller we will be translating all academic and social events, such as students reports and Games Day, to virtual platforms. Individual societies are also strongly encouraged to utilize online platforms to continue to provide support and social engagement. AS training sessions, however, will be held in person with strict guidelines implemented by the CRB. Upon arrival to the CRB students will undergo a temperature and symptom check. Guidelines on separate entry and exit into the training area have also been implemented to avoid crowding. Students will be required to use a face shield, mask and gloves when performing the physical exam (the CRB will be providing gloves). Additional training sessions have been added when necessary in order to ensure adequate social distancing. Each training room has a maximum capacity of 4 people (except the larger auditoriums). The number of trainers at each session will also be limited in order to ensure we do not exceed capacity. More information specific to each class will be provided soon from Jasmine & Alessia, AS Executive Directors.
  3. DOCS: DOCS is excited to welcome you all back and we are looking forward to an incredible year! As you might imagine, COVID-19 has impacted our usual activities and we are working with all of our project teams & community partners to adjust to this new landscape. We are working on creative solutions to ensure that our communities in South Florida continue to receive the care they need. We are hopeful that throughout the fall semester we will be able to start running our weekly clinics at limited capacity. We are also working on ways to make our health fairs safe and will update the school as we make plans, hopefully for a fair in the late fall months. Our DOCS volunteers have been active throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in projects, including staffing the Florida DOH COVID-19 Hotline and partnering with other groups on campus to participate in COVID-19 research, like the SPARK-C project led by Dr. Erin Kobetz. We are committed to providing volunteer opportunities to our classmates and, most importantly, we remain dedicated to serving the medically underserved populations of South Florida. You will receive an email from Alexa & Sophia, DOCS Executive Directors, with more details shortly. 

Recognize that limiting these extra-curricular meetings should NOT limit your ability to foster camaraderie, build important relationships and cultivate interests. We will be here to support each other during these different times. Remember that we are all in this together. If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Exec Leaders or the Deans.


Duyen Vo

Executive President, Student Government

Allison Draper

RMC Director, Student Government

Jasmine Tomita-Barber & Alessia Lavin

Executive Directors, Academic Societies

Sophia Pines & Alexa Turpin

Executive Directors, DOCS

Medical Education Team

Letter from Dr. Chandran regarding Community Safety Protocols: