Dean’s Meeting Notes Aug, 2016

Student Government Deans’ Meeting Agenda – Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

I. Student Government Executive Board

A. President – Noor Joudi- Started introductions of everyone.

i. First SG General Council Meeting Next Tuesday (Aug 23rd)- 1st of the year; many 1st years attend this one; we vote on any initiatives brought up last year

ii. Video project to showcase UMMSM- very new idea, nothing concrete has been done yet but reaching out for students with interest/experience in videography for a DOCS-umentary-esque video to show at Second Look and Orientation to get the Miller School out there. Reach out to School of Communications for videographers.

iii. Admissions committee medical student selections

iv. UM Get out the Vote efforts- Nikesh Doshi leading effort on undergraduate campus want to bring it here, consider absentee vote information

v. Coffee with Mechaber- leaders of student organizations to have causal hour conversation about various issues, concerns, and address questions. First one will be in October, will be monthly.

vi. President Frenk to attend future Dean’s Meeting via video conference- Probably in October

B. Vice President – Vibhu Chitajallu- oversees subcommittees of events

i. Student orgs informed of renewed status and new organizations approved

ii. President/Treasurer meeting 8/24/16

iii. Student Organization Fair August 31st

C. Secretary – Christie McGee- Scott Levin- Shoot Dr. Mechaber an email

i. Working to do trial of Sunday Wellness center hours

D. Treasurer – Sandy Jiang

i. More than 70 organizations approved, aware of Pres/Treasurer meeting 8/24- giving $125 per club this year to reserve money for more active clubs at the end of the year. Paperwork is done

E. Ethics Chancellor – Danielle Howard

i. Orientations for MD and MD/MPH classes complete

ii. MS3 orientation to be revamped

iii. First year elections to take place after anatomy is over- working with Liza Plafsky for that

iv. Proposing amendment from last year about Minority Representatives for each class- SNMA position. Would open the position at first year election. Depending on what gets passed may have other position option. Want to create a minority rep position for each class and RMC classes, ends up being 8 positions new. How are they defining minority? There is no definition in the amendment. It is an appointed position as per the amendment. Who would appoint them? SG and OSR together is the proposed group to appoint them. Will attach initial amendment and proposals to classes to review prior to the general council meeting. Consider a venue for open dialog about the issue.

F. IT Webmaster– Benjamin Silver

i. Working on getting the DOCS/SG/AS websites back up and running- server was hacked at the end of last year- DOCS is back up, but SG and AS haven’t been brought back up yet. Spoke with Nick in IT to meet after meeting with SG/AS IT Reps. Tell your classes that everything is still accessible via secure gateway and on campus. Send out an instructional email about how to access secure gateway off campus.

ii. Master schedule for E-Value of scheduling that everyone can access? Work in progress as per Dr. Alex Mechaber

G. MD/MPH RMC Liaison – Ilana Mayer-Hirschfeld- MS3s have moved over to RMC successfully.

i. New RMC Newsletter, first issue in next couple of weeks- to help keep the classes cohesive

ii. “Life in the RMC” information session for MS1 students Sept 14th

iii. RMC student organizations to participate at student organization fair

iv. 11 student organizations approved this year

H. Social Chair- Gabrielle Hodgins

i. Fall ball work in progress- Fall Ball chair is visiting potential venue tomorrow to review the quote, pick a date, and confirm details for that. Dean Gardner: Leadership is thinking of utilizing Wynwood for school functions to help the community. Gabby says the venues are not big enough for a Fall Ball event. Tentative date Oct 7, back up is Oct 14th, but depend on venu availability.

ii. Events in the works this semester with Law/Grad schools- Venues have offered various food specials, given wrist bands. Down the line: joint tailgate for FSU/UM game Oct 8th

II. Class Councils

A. Class of 2017 – Christopher Dermarkarian

i. SF Match- August 15th deadline

ii. ERAS Application September 15th deadline

iii. Externships- students are in and out of campus

iv. Committees

1. Senior Banquet- Evan and Hua

2. Senior skit- need help- contact Chris- consider live skits

3. Post-ERAS submission event committee- Brianna and Danielle

4. Match Day Breakfast Committee- Ricky, Nandini, and Ryan

a. UMH unavailable due to renovations, DTC in Jackson as a backup option but haven’t locked it down yet. If it falls through, we don’t have a third option yet. Possibly shuttles to Life Science building. f/u with Dr. Alex Mechaber

5. Post-rank list submission committee- Brianna, Eric, Anthony

v. Fundraising- sold scrubs to first year class and gloves for anatomy. Sold scrubs to rest of school as well

vi. IT Update

1. Richard Straker- IT Webmaster- he has been very helpful during IT meetings. He finds issues with accessing charts/patient information on the computers at Calder bc of lack of software, and no access to SPSS software. Looked into that with Nick and wants to continue pursuing this. Dean Gardner: not exclusively UM computers, but library tends to be willing to help students especially. PAX needs old version of internet explorer.

B. Class of 2018 – Pooja Utamsingh

i. Interprofessional patient safety week was eye opening- positive feedback. One point of contention is that nurses knew exactly what to expect and med students were very caught off guard with the expectations

ii. Successful start back to rotations- people are a lot happier

iii. Selling clipboards for notes/charts, possibly with U logo

iv. Thinking of ideas for fundraising for year and reconnecting with MD/MPH cohort- big project for SG rep this year. VLOG?

C. Class of 2019- Caitlin Coviello

i. Class updates- currently in respiratory module, Final Sep 2nd

ii. Anatomy supplies fundraiser with class of 2020 was a success

iii. Look out for quarter zip jacket sales in next two weeks

iv. Intro/FAQ meeting with Class of 2020- went really well

v. Social event for Class of 2020 after first anatomy exam Aug 22 at American Social, would like upperclassmen there

vi. Class of 2019 sponsored Psych Ethics Meeting- would like patient interaction experience

D. Class of 2019 MD/MPH Liaison – Rachel Deitz

i. Started GI module; Class of 2020 in IMP

ii. Field experience reports & GHSA presentation to class of 2020

E. MD/PhD Representative – Matthew Phillips

i. New MD/PhD class and New Transfer from Harvard- 5 total

ii. Additional student awarded NIH fellowship (total 4 this year)

iii. MSTP T32Program Grant Update- optimistic based on the score they received

iv. Michelle Rudman (GS4) invited to attend EUREKA Institute at the University of Utrecht to study translational medicine

III. DOCS – Joshua Kronenfeld

A. Electronic health record and Canefunder raised $11,000 last eyar, will be purchasing iPads

B. Pediatrics station adjustments- all peds patients are eligible for Medicaid, try to avoid false sense of security on well child check ups.

C. Working on new ENT, Dental, and memory stations

D. Clinics now open to MS1s early

E. Hep C, HIV, and colorectal cancer screenings- trying to work with SCCC and outside agency for CRC screens

F. Voter registration at fairs

G. Looking to work to have a Zika counseling training program- 50 students have already signed up

IV. Academic Societies – Seth Sankary and Dipan Desai

A. Faculty mentor lunch- 8 new faculty mentors were added

B. Games Day!

C. Mentor-Mentee meeting

D. Training resumes

V. OSR – Sarah King

A. ISA report: Internal draft finalized and submitted to the Administration for review

B. AAMC Annual Learn, Serve, and Lead meeting: Nov 11-15, Seattle- email will go out to all classes calling for abstracts

VI. RMC DOCS Director- Jennifer Shiroky

A. GMC Focus group analysis complete, presenting results in September and beginning project design

B. CBPR tutorial for DTM

C. Stonybrook had first event

D. Elected 3 new members

VII. RMC AS Regional Liaison- Michelle Shnayder

A. Events for the year

i. Paddle boarding- good attendance and successful

ii. Outing with FSU

iii. Combined campus event

iv. Thanksgiving Potluck

v. White elephant party

B. Coffee with the deans

C. Journal club

D. Community service: quantum house- would like to do something more longitudinal

VIII. Deans’ Announcements

-Need a centralized calendar for all events AS/DOCS/SG/Student Orgs. Make it so that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel each year, trouble is finding an administrator of it also.

– Gardner: New role; Dr. Goldschmidt’s reason for stepping down to pursue international affiliates for the school, China, Moracco, Bahamas, United Arab Emirates and elsewhere. Intends to develop a large network to UMMSM. As interim dean, limited in duration until permanent dean is chosen in about a year. Search committee will be announced next week by the President. A lot of input about credible candidates. Very balanced with regard to gender on search committee. Altschuler is a pediatrician by training, been given immense authority by Board of Trutees to reorganize UHealth as a healthcare delivery system. Looking at a new governance model now. Priority is the students, faculty, and physicians. We should have Altschuler also attend this meeting at some point. Consider using this 1.5 hours most usefully. Ask questions to Frenk/Altschuler, consider revised agenda. Don’t waste the opportunity to ask the hard questions. Looking to revise the IT effort that the school has and needs. Pleasure to be here, office is on the first floor across from Admissions, door is always open. LCME- student analysis thoughtful and deep. Approach- look at school what works well, what isn’t, look for ways to help and respond before LCME gets here. We are going to build a new building with a big update before next Dean’s meeting including a time frame.

* Alex Mechaber: Have begun analyzing LCME data and how to approach fixing things. Plan to have mock site visit by external faculty member to look at the database and put us through simulated meetings. Looking to do this in

October. This will give us time to tweak things. Goal is in Feb we have already identified all blemishes and have worked to improve them, no blemishes. Student meetings will also occur by LCME on Feb 5th and 8th.

* Campo- Mediafire myth clarification- ton of copyrighted material illegally uploaded, anyone without permission is liable. Admin is not liable and had no idea. Fortunately nothing happened but in the future if students wish to put up study guides, that is great. But anyone doing copyright infringement is liable. Be wise. Let your classmates know.

* Hilit Mechaber- Writing center students is available to medical students for advice on personal statements, etc. Offer hours here.

* Mendez- Jr.s and Sr.s try to communicate about cerner issues. Some access issues, make sure everyone has access before starting rotations.

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