Important Update: Extracurricular Guidelines

The following is an update regarding our extracurricular programming guidelines:

We have been exploring our need to increase our student engagement and continue to cultivate student interest and leadership. As you all know, we have been adhering to prior guidelines set forth by university leadership, but we have also witnessed our ability to congregate safely and responsibly for educational purposes. Additionally, our MS1 and MS2 classes are undergoing weekly surveillance testing, and many of us have opted in and already begun receiving the vaccine! We are hopeful that with ongoing care and responsibility, we can gradually expand our programming efforts. However, in order to do so, we need everyone’s cooperation and adherence to these guidelines:

  • Individual student organization leadership may resume planning in-person events safely and responsibly (no longer only EXEC leadership)!
  • Social events should be planned to be held OUTDOORS.
  • Educational endeavors such as skills workshops will be permitted INDOORS (in teaching spaces but NOT in the hospital) as long as they adhere to room capacity, appropriate PPE and physical distance requirements as already marked by facilities.
  • All students should continue to ALWAYS be masked and physically distanced (even if vaccinated)!
  • E-board meetings can also be planned in-person again adhering to the guidelines above. We believe that these meetings in person can spark creativity and improve group engagement.
  • Guest speakers will continue to be hosted using virtual platforms, such as Zoom. (For technical assistance, please visit:
  • Both indoor and outdoor events, as well as off-campus gatherings are limited to 15 people. On-campus events require an RSVP.
  • Groups MUST submit their sign-in sheet electronically after their event to track attendance (link also provided on E&F Form).
  • Food may NOT be served DURING the event (no group eating), but groups may choose to distribute food for pick-up at the end of the event only if they are individually packaged.
  • PRIOR to the event, Treasurers must submit an E&F (Events & Fundraising Request) form in advance and have plans approved by the Office of Student Activities prior to implementation. Leadership is encouraged to remind themselves of these policies here:
  • An invitation to a Mid-Year Update Session on Zoom will be shared with all Interest Group and Council Presidents, with time reserved at the end for Q&As.

DOCS Update:

  • Anyone interested in hosting an event for DOCS must receive approval by DOCS Executive Directors, Sophia & Alexa
  • All DOCS Clinics should continue to follow the protocols outlined in their respective SOPs

We understand how valuable your in-person events have been to the student body and we appreciate your passion for increasing awareness and enthusiasm in your field of interest. We encourage your creativity and we know how successfully many of you have continued to engage with each other and your group members virtually. We have seen some impressive participation in virtual offerings, and hope these continue as well.

ALL students (even vaccinated) must wear a mask at all times and try to stay at least 6 feet from people, and stay home if exhibiting any symptoms.  Any student found not following the University’s stated policies and guidelines will face disciplinary action.

We trust that students will adhere to the same guidelines we advocate for our patients and take the necessary precautions to prioritize the safety of our community and essential healthcare workers. We hope to avoid putting others at risk unnecessarily and potentially being the cause of unfortunate outbreaks which may severely threaten our affiliations with clinical sites and impede our medical training.

Recognize that these revisions are intended to help increase our student engagement but keep all of you and our community SAFE. Continue to be creative as we do not want to limit your ability to foster camaraderie, build important relationships and cultivate interests. We will be here to continue to support each other during these different times. Remember that we are all in this together. If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Exec Leaders or the Deans.