Information for Student Groups

Here are all of the important links for student groups, as well as a quick recap of when to use each one.

  • Student Orgs Spotlights Submission Form
  • 2020-2021 President/Treasurer Meeting Powerpoint Slides
    • Includes mostly everything you need to know
    • Please use this as a reference as you fill out the various forms; I’ve included screenshots with descriptions in this slideshow to help guide you through that process
    • Please refer to this before emailing Zahra with questions!
  • P/T Zoom Meeting Recording
    • In case you would like to rewatch Zahra’s money monologue
    • If you missed the meeting, please watch Zahra’s money monologue
  • Event & Fundraising Request Form
    • The goddess of all forms
    • Your treasurer should fill this out to request approval for events, fundraisers, etc. 
    • If there are funds involved:
      • You can request a PO purchase through this form, meaning you want the school to make the purchase for you (has to be a University approved vendor; list of vendors available on SG website)
      • Or you can request approval for a purchase you will make out of pocket, and choose to be reimbursed later (remember that even after it gets approved, you still have to fill out the Reimbursement Form to get the refund)
  • Room Reservations
    • Please complete this 2 weeks in advance to filling out the E&F Form to give faculty enough time to approve you
    • Proof of approval must be uploaded to the E&F Form, so plan appropriately
    • UHealth Campus:
      • Check the Location Schedule to see if the space you’d like to reserve is available. 
      • For reservation of the Student Lounge, Diversity Lounge, Student Activities Office, or any Outdoor spaces, indicate your choice in the E&F form for approval by Tan.
      • For reservation of all other locations listed, email Ms. Marysol Gonzalez with the following information:
        1. Room reservation contact name & email
        2. Requested room/space
        3. Requested date & time
    • RMC:
    • Note: Indoor events are ONLY permitted for educational experiences (e.g. workshops, etc.). Social events must be held outdoors, and Speakers should remain virtual.
  • Extra Funding Request Form
    • This form is to be completed by the treasurer if the org is requesting more than the allotted $125
    • Be sure to do this 2 weeks in advance to filling out the E&F Form, to give Tan and Zahra plenty of time to process the request
  • Reimbursement Form 
    • This is the form that the treasurer will fill out to get refunded if the payment was made out of pocket
      • Remember that you’ll only get reimbursed if you were initially approved to make that purchase (via the E&F Form)
    • Driver Worktag: pg001004
    • The following 4 items must be submitted to receive your reimbursement:
      1. Itemized receipt
      2. Sign-in sheet: have attendees write down their names on a sign-in sheet during the event
      3. Screenshot of the Calendar Event in the SG Master Calendar
      4. Screenshot of the Email you sent to your listserv about the event
  • SG Calendar
    • Make sure you have the correct calendar selected.
    • Add your event to the calendar with Org: Event Title (Example- SG: General Body Meeting)
    • If Virtual, include the Zoom link in the “Location” AND “Description/Agenda” Section. If Hybrid, include the meeting room in “Location” and the Zoom link in the “Description” sections.  (If the event isn’t open to the whole student body, don’t include the Zoom link)
  • Sign-in sheet upload
    • Upload photo of sign-in sheet here (for in-person events)