Interpersonal Domain

Interpersonal Domain

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)
The University of Miami American Medical Women’s Association is an organization dedicated to providing students with opportunities for education, mentorship, and community service in the field of pediatric medicine. We accomplish this through a variety of projects and events that allow students to interact with both patients and physicians in the greater Miami area and beyond.

Presidents: Kristen Zayan & Ariel Barry
Treasurer: Lauren Truax
Physician Liaison: Elizabeth Lleonart
Senior Advisor: Celeste Chitters
Event Coordinators: Kristin Gmunder & Paola Martinez
Community Service Chair: Meghan Salgia
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Monica Broome

Asian American Medical Student Association
This Organization shall be guided by the following general principles:
● To promote the dissemination of information relative to Asian Pacific American issues in the field of medical education;
● To explore and possibly resolve the unique challenges, obstacles, and responsibilities specific to Asian Pacific American medical students and physicians;
● To provide opportunities for Asian Pacific American medical students to give back to their community(i.e.) through service.

President: Wendy Yang & Deborah Lin
Treasurer: Teresa Ju
Mentorship Manager: Seiya Yen-Shuen Liu
Events Coordinator: Fay Pon
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Marilyn Huang & Dr. Laura Huang

Association of American Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI)
The AAPI-MSR Chapter will assist the national parent organization in promoting the professional, political, and social goals of South Asian American medical students and resident physicians.

President: Veena Karanam
Treasurer: Shareen Patel
PR Coordinator: Khadeja Khan
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amar Deshpande

Christian Medical Association (CMA)
The Christian Medical Association exists to motivate, educate, and equip Christian
medical students to glorify God by: living out the character of Christ in their school, communities, and around the world; pursuing professional competence and Christ-like compassion in their daily work; influencing their families, colleagues, and patients toward a relationship with Jesus Christ; and providing a safe environment for anyone to learn about Jesus Christ.

President: Irene Goo
Treasurer: Carey Green Jr
Vice President: Obianuju (“Uju”) Adaobi Akaniru
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yolanda Reyes-Iglesias

Jewish Medical Student Association (JMSA)
The purpose of JMSA is to provide an avenue for Jewish and non-Jewish medical students alike to explore Judaism, meet other Jewish students in UMMSM, and pursue interests in Miami’s Jewish community. We also hope encourage networking opportunities between Jewish medical students and Jewish physicians at the Miller School and in the Miami community.

President: Anabel Epstein
Treasurer: Alex Silverman
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hilit Mechaber

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)
The purpose of this organization shall be to represent, support, and unify Latino/a
medical students and underrepresented medical students. The group is dedicated to
increasing the proportion of underrepresented minority medical students and faculty,
educating on issues affecting the Latino community, serving underserved communities
through volunteerism and advocacy, and creating an environment conducive to the
extraordinary success of Latinos at the University of Miami.

President: Daniel A. Gomez
Treasurer: Jessica Valido
Vice President: Dayana Perez Sanchez
Secretary: Daniela Perez
Diversity and Multicultural Coordinator: Manuela Araque
FIESTA Coordinator: Nicolle Rodriguez Yanes
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Olveen Carrasquillo

The purpose of MedicOUT is to create a safe and welcoming place for LGBTQ+/GSM (Gender and Sexual Minority) students and to advocate for the LGBTQ+/GSM community in our curriculum and through fundraising.

President: Derek Essegian
Treasurer: Brooke Oppenhuizen
Vice President: Fay Pon
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Irwin

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
The purpose of SNMA is to support current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

President: Amanda Nwaba
Treasurer: Nadira Lilman
Vice President: Brea Willey
Secretary: Amanda Thiele
Minority Advancement Chair: Uche Ezeh
Outreach Coordinator: Leah Dodds
Social Chair: Carey Green
Social Media Manager: Amy Legros
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stephen Symes

UMed Abilities Coalition (UMAC)
The purpose of UMed Abilities Coalition is to foster an inclusive environment for students,
faculty, and staff with differing abilities and to advocate for equity. We aim to encourage
collaboration among people who are passionate about disability to bring awareness about
disability in medicine to our greater UM community. We hope to increase access to and utilization of resources and services and to ensure that disability is included in our mission of promoting diversity and inclusion.

President: Alison Ohringer
Treasurer: Jamie Clarke
Vice President: Donovan Dowers
Secretary: Jay Shroff
Events Coordinator: Uju Akaniru
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hilit Mechaber & Mr. Lamar Martin

University of Miami Muslim Association (UMMA)
The purpose of the UMMA is to develop a forum for the appreciation and understanding of Islam. It will foster an environment of companionship among its members through activities and events related to Islamic topics.

President: Zakariya Hassouneh
Treasurer: Aisha Khan
Vice President: Khadeja Khan
Secretary: Nabihah Khakoo
Outreach Coordinator: Parastou Pakravan
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zafar Nawaz