Body & Mind Domains

Body Domain

Beats Per Minute (BPM)
The purpose of Beats Per Minute is to offer students a healthy means to relieve stress through dance, as well as an opportunity to perform for fellow classmates and the UMMSOM community at various events. The group plans to foster new friendships and instill self confidence in its members, while giving members an outlet to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

President: Tiffany Eatz
Treasurer: Uju Akaniru
Music Coordinator/PR Manager: Meghan Sharma
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gauri Agarwal

MedFit/LMIG (Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group)
Formerly MedFit:
The purpose of MedFit is to educate about healthful practices and to promote their engagement among medical students and physicians (incorporating proven, practical nutrition and exercise science) in order to help these individuals optimize their own health and well-being.

Presidents: Tori Gabor, Omar Rosete, & Hogan Brecount
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jonathan S England

Formerly LMIG (Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group):
The purpose of Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group is to create a Health District
environment that promotes nutrition and wellness as preventative medicine by
giving patients, faculty and students the opportunity to make healthy choices.

President: Susan Taghioff
Treasurer: Issac Chayo
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michelle Pearlman

Sunsmart 5K
The Sunsmart 5k is an annual non-profit event that has been entirely created and organized by UM medical students for 11 years. All proceeds go towards skin cancer research. Our last race drew over 500 participants. Also, at our event we offer free skin cancer screenings by UM doctors in private booths for anyone who would like one. At each event, we complete approximately 100 screenings, and our doctors have identified people with potential cancerous or pre-cancerous growths each year. This means that each year we are saving peoples’ lives just by hosting our event! Along with providing free screenings, teaching people about the threat of skin cancer and how to protect themselves from it is one of our major goals.

President: John Tsatalis
Treasurer: Christina Kurcewicz
Vice President: Kayla Czape
Secretary: Rachel Shireen Golpanian
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Keyvan Nouri

University of Miami NutriGardens (UMNutriGardens)
The purpose of NutriGardens is to incorporate health education and gardening into the teaching lessons of elementary and middle schools in Miami.

President: Natalie Hickerson
Treasurer: Karthik Kalahasty
Vice President: Daniel Schwartzbaum
Garden Manager & Outreach Coordinator: Sabrina Moore
Faculty Advisor:

Mind Domain

Difficult Conversations
The purpose of Difficult Conversations is to provide medical students with the opportunity to discuss and engage with topics that they will face throughout their careers in medicine that may be emotionally or ethically challenging. Student-led discussions will give medical students a safe space to have an open dialogue where they can share their own beliefs and better understand differing opinions of their peers. These discussions will allow students to become more familiar with the breadth and complexity of challenging topics in medicine. These discussions will be complemented by panels, which will include physicians and patients, to provide students with context that will inform their understanding of the topic. Ultimately, Difficult Conversations provides medical students with the opportunity to become more comfortable with the difficult conversations that are had throughout a career in medicine, thereby creating better informed and more emotionally tuned physicians.

President: Sahana Shankar
Treasurer: Avraham Fox
Director of Events: Sabrina Hennecke
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amanda Alladin

Doctor’s Note
The purpose of Doctor’s Note is to bring together students who love music so that they may share that music with the school. Doctor’s Note performs at many school functions such as the Rose Ceremony, Cabaret, Second Look, and Graduation. In addition to school functions, Doctor’s Note frequently volunteers to sing/carol at Holtz Children’s Hospital, the VA, and Ronald McDonald House, as well as any and all other venues that request us.

President: Matt Agritelley
Treasurer: Sophy Hadsall
Music Director: Ramya Radhakrishnan
Assistant Music Director: Brooke Oppenhuizen
Vice President: Thomas Iglesias
Community Service Coordinator: Deborah Lin
Community Service Assistant: Amber Bulna
Events Coordinator: Sam Hinkes
Performance Director: Natalie Hickerson
Public Relations Director: Angelina Labib
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas Champney

Medical Arts Club (MAC)
The Medical Arts Club is hereby established to promote and celebrate the arts in general
and UMMSM student-made art in particular. The Medical Arts Club seeks to reinforce UMMSM’s commitment to open discourse and the free exchange of ideas, and the education of the whole person. More generally, the Medical Arts Club is fully committed to upholding all of UMMSM’s policies.

President: Erin Wolfe
Treasurer: Maria Fernanda
Vice President: Noreen Mohsin
Student Communications Director: Ernesto Weisson
Faculty Advisor: Dr. S. Anthony Wolfe

Medical Humanities Interest Group (MHIG)
The purpose of the Medical Humanities Interest Group is to promote the humanities as a conduit for self-reflection improvement in understanding the human condition and for the betterment of communication and relationships among future and current healthcare practitioners.

President: Christina Barkas
Treasurer: Daniel Castaneda
Chair of Visual & Musical Arts: Courtney Goodman
Chair of Medical Anthropology and Dance: Marina Mai
Chair of Philosophy: Vanessa Peters
Chair of Culinary Arts: Jessica Forman
Co-Chairs of Literature: Vanessa Peters & Jessica Forman
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Monica Broome

Mindful Med
The purpose of Mindful Med is to offer mindfulness-based practices to medical students and the patients that they serve.

President: Samara Khalil
Treasurer: Tatiana Campuzano
Vice President: Nareka Trewick
Faculty Advisor: Dr. David J. Lee

Musical Canes
The purpose of Musical Canes is to provide a space for students (and residents) to relieve stress and reconnect with their identity outside of that of a physician to practice together and play music as well as connecting with their other fellow students and community when we perform.

President: Moya Tomlin
Treasurer: Crystal Li
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Heidi Allespach & Dr. Chadwick Flowers

Narrative Medicine Facilitators’ Clinic (NMFC)
The Narrative Medicine Facilitators’ Clinic exists primarily to coordinate the facilitation of
Narrative Medicine workshops at the Miller School of Medicine while expanding academic and professional conversations on Narrative Medicine and its applications in modern healthcare. These workshops exist to refine skills in analytical reading, active listening, and reflective practice with the goal to breed more empathetic, academically critical, equitable, and clinically sharp healthcare providers and patient advocates.

President: Antonio Nunes
Treasurer: Sabrina Hennecke
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gauri Agarwal