SG February 24 Meeting Minutes

Hello students! We want to highlight the most important parts of the February 24 meeting so please see below:

**Raffle Winner: Elie Nwefo**

  • COVID Vaccinations & Testing:
    • Over 95% of our medical students who have opted in have received the COVID vaccine.  We are currently awaiting distribution of additional doses from the state, and so ask those who have yet to be vaccinated to please remain patient and continue abiding by the COVID safety guidelines that have been in place since March 2020.
    • MS1/2s please continue with weekly COVID testing. All students must be completing the Daily Symptom Checker if on campus or at a clinical site. If you have an extenuating circumstance and are unable to comply, reach out directly to Dr. Mechaber.
    • The entire middle section between the Student Activities Office & Student Lounge is being DEMOLISHED and replaced by learning spaces. Please excuse the mess and anticipated dust >.<
  • Interest Groups/ Shadowing:
    • Medical students fitted with an N95 are now permitted to shadow in the OR, ER, and ICU, in addition to other clinical sites if space permits. Please reach out to our Academic Interest Group leaders to schedule shadowing experiences:
    • Interest Group E-board applications will be released on Monday, March 1st.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Dean’s Cup 2021 is happening! More information coming soon.
    • In the meantime, attend the Cabaret Talent Show scheduled for Saturday, March 13th at 5PM!
    • AS Pinning is also happening! These will be organized by individual society leaders.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Henry Olano and Hannah Zweibel who have just been elected as our incoming 2021-22 SG Executive President and RMC Director, respectively. Applications for the remaining positions on their Executive Board will be shared by Henry. Official transitions of power will occur in April.