SG Website Update

Hello Miller!  

In an effort to support you throughout your four years of medical school at UM, this year’s Executive Student Government has refreshed the SG website so that it may serve as a central hub for all student-related services, organizations, activities, etc. including the WAC, AS, DOCS, OSR, and the 70+ interest groups active at Miller arranged both alphabetically and by Wellness Domains. 

In brief, I wanted to share with you some of the highlights and what information/ resources you can quickly access from the newly updated website:  

  • Student Representatives 
  • Student Health, including the Daily Symptom Checker, Peer Support Network, etc. 
  • Tech Corner, including Free Software, Tutorials to help ease virtual experiences, etc. 
  • Free Step Resources 
  • SG Master Calendar, and How-To Subscribe so you can add it to your personal calendar and take full advantage of all the events occurring on both the UHealth & Regional Medical Campuses!  
  • Class Resources, including BlackBoard, Panopto, E-value, Bates, Lecture Archive, etc.  
  • Clinical Resources, including UpToDate, Isabel, Note-writing ToolsRemote EMR AccessUseful Mobile Apps, etc. 

The SG website is continuously being updated to better serve the student body. Specifically, our Exec Board is working on compiling a list of “Helpful Panopto Videos.” Some video links are already there; however, if you know of a particular Panopto recording that you believe would be beneficial to the student body, please feel free to submit suggestions in the “Suggestions” tab or by emailing me directly ( 

This was only meant to highlight some of the many resources that are easily accessible on the SG website and is by no means exhaustive. I encourage you to explore the website and make use of all the resources available to you.  Additionally, announcements are often posted on the home page, so feel free to think of this website as a good resource to stay connected to the many exciting things happening at Miller! Thank you!